Sound Design & Music for Media * Lessons

Films and Other Media

“Jameson’s Journey”, for CBS Eye on Health/ UCSF Medical Center. Audio post-production and sound design.

“Swimmer’s Ear: A Journey to the Deaflympics”, an inspiring documentary film feature about a 15 year old deaf swimmer from South Central LA on her quest to reach the Deaflympics. Audio post-production, sound design, music supervision, dialog restoration.


Excerpt from “Beyond the Painted Ladies”, a location-aware walking audio tour for that has been getting great reviews. Soundtrack creation, sound design, dialog recording and editing, music supervision.


Branding Logo/Theme sound design created for the BSSP ad agency.


Music I have composed for casual games or kids’ educational products featuring acoustic guitar.


Branding Logo/Theme created for “Grow Big Always”, a podcast featured in Huffpost that has over 300,000 listeners.

“Wannado M-Ventors”: Venue sound design and music composition for an interactive children’s theme park, Wannado City. (This is a promotional video with a live mic in the exhibit).


Medley of music and soundtracks composed for kids’ educational products.